Who did everything listed in the page our works?
It's been myself, Paolo Forlani.
To somebody that does not believe that a single person may operate in so many and so different sectors, I answer that this is easy: I do not know anything, but in a lot of different fields!
The base for all: the will to know, even at.. a certain age.

I am still studying...
Technology goes on, and nobody is allowed to stay without studying something new, every day. It is not true that, when studies are over, no exams have yet to be passed: life and work present us always new challenges, and we have to be ready for action!
The most exciting professional sensation for an engineer?
To give life to something of your own: a plant, a device, a circuit that has been thought and designed for a long time. And even better if it is a team work, if there is the luck to work with the right persons.
Dott. Ing. Paolo Forlani - born in Ferrara on 9-10-1950 and residing in Milano, viale Cirene 7. Fiscal code FRLPLA50R09D548E.
Graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1975 at the University of Bologna with 100/100 and magna cum laude.
Enabled to exercise the Profession and enrolled in the Milano Engineer Register with number 12817.
Employed worker from 1975 to 1984, industrial manager from1984 to 1990; from 1990 to 2020, Administrator of the society Anyware Electronics sas.
Excellent knowledge of English achieved in many work travels abroad and in the continuous contact with foreign operators.
Capacity of analog and digital curcuit design, device design and mechanical design, programming in any language from Assembly for several processors to .NET languages in Windows environment and, recently, also Linux.
Excellent knowledge of the Italian norms about: Patents and Trademarks, Digitalization, civil company management norms.
I perform consultancy activity at any level, design, prototype realization and industrialization.
I design, make and commission industrial plants in any sector.